We’re going on to the end of the year, and yet Humble Bundle is still not done giving you good deals on games. This time they’re partnering again with Noodlecake Studios to give you a lot of games on the cheap. Pay what you want for these great indie games.

First up, pay USD$1.00 or more to initially get not three, but four games! This group includes “Invert”, “Superbrothers – Sword and Sworcery”, “Alto’s Adventure” with premium unlock, and “Pug’s Quest”. That’s already great value for you right there.

But if you pay more than the average – which is currently at USD$4.52 – you’ll get the initial group, plus four more games. These additional games include “Vignettes”, “Shooting Stars!”, “Tower Dwellers”, and “Caterzillar”.

But if you pay USD$5.00 or more, you get the first two batches of games, and an additional three games – so 11 games in total. The final batch of games include “Framed 2”, “The Bug Butcher”, and “Snowball”. All in all, this is a total of USD$35.00 worth of games that can all be yours for as low as $5 dollars.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle