Of course, Humble Bundle is going to come out with the Humble Mobile Bundle: Halloween edition for you guys. It’s a raft of games that would give you the jeepers creepers while playing them on your smartphone, but give you a lot of fun as well. The great thing about it? You can pay what you want for all these games.

If you pay USD$1.00 or more, you get the first three games – Distraint: Pocket Pixel Horror, Sanitarium, and the zombie shooter Dead Age. If you pay more than the average – which is at USD$4.49 at time of writing – you also get three more games. These are Beholder, Bulb Boy, and Rusty Lake Hotel.

Lastly, if you pay USD$5.00 and above, you will get all six games we mentioned before – plus two more premium games. These are Fran Bow – a creepy adventure game, and Whispering Willows – a sort of tap-and-play mystery game with very creepy elements.

All of these give you a total of USD$36.00 worth of games – but Humble Mobile Bundle allows you to get all of these for as low as USD$5.00.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle