The latest Humble Mobile Bundle has arrived. This one is number 5 and it brings six new Android games. As with the previous bundles — this is a pay what you want situation. There are six games in the bundle, however three of them are locked and you’ll need to pay above the average to unlock them.

The games include; Bag It!, R-TYPE II, Aralon: Sword and Shadow, The Cave, The Room Two and Carcassonne. The first three are unlocked, and the last three are locked. This price will change, but as of this posting, the average payment is a little more than $4.00. Basically, that means you need to pay only a bit over $4 to get access to all six titles. There is also the promise of more games coming soon.

The setup here is pretty simple — you decide what you want to pay, and then how you want that money to be split. Keep in mind some of your payment can go to charity. The charity options include Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Aside from charity, you’ll be deciding how to split your payment between the developers and any tip for the Humble Bundle folks.

These games are all DRM free and can be downloaded using the Humble Bundle app (found in the Play Store). That all being said, if you like the idea of the Humble Mobile Bundle but aren’t overly excited about the games included in bundle 5 — we tend to see the from time to time. For reference, Bundle 4 came in early-March 2014 and Bundle 3 came back in mid-November 2013.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle