Get ready for another round of delightful games as Humble Bundle delivers its third batch of indie titles exclusively for Android. The usual pay what you want system gives you access to four games but, as always, beating the average lands you more goodies, which, in this case, includes the popular Kingdom Rush and the Android debut of Ridiculous Fishing.

There may be no big titles in this collection, but Humble Mobile Bundle 3 includes a variety of games that you might find quite interesting. In a slight reversal of roles, the shooter game EPOCH puts you in the shoes of a robot fighting his way through other robots, whose dismembered parts can be used for upgrades, in search of his or its human charge. Swordigo might make you think of swords, but this side-scrolling hack-n-slash adventures eventually grants you magical powers as well. The slightly unpronounceable rymdkapsel is almost like any city-building game, except you get to build your city in outer space. Of course, you also have to fend off alien attackers. SpellTower is an addictive game made for logophiles, blending the addictive mechanics of Tetris and the brain-twisting qualities of Scrabble.

Beating the average puts two additional games in your library. Tower defense games abound in Android, but some stand out more than others. Kingdom Rush, which normally costs $1.99, is one of the more memorable ones that puts you in the middle of a medieval fantasy battle against orcs, trolls, and wizards. A hit on iOS, Ridiculous Fishing has been announced to be hitting Android and is making its appearance first in this bundle. The game title is actually a misnomer, as fishing is only used as a way to lure in fish and other sea creatures, which you can then blast away to your heart’s delight. Kinda like Duck Hunt, but more twisted. Here’s the usual amusing trailer listing the games and mechanics of purchasing a Humble Bundle.

The average to beat currently stands at $4.90. Of course, proceeds from Humble Bundles go not only to the developers but a certain amount is also given to charity, which you can distribute as you see fit.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle