Humble Bundle has just announced yet another campaign for Android. Pay what you want for four mobile games, including the water racing Riptide GP2 and territorial strategy Catan, or even six if you get to beat the current average.

The first four games lean more towards the casual gaming side. Catan is an oldie but goodie strategy game that might remind you of games like Civilization but with a streak of competitiveness as you struggle with other would be leaders for the the largest territory. Vector is a 2D side-scrolling endless runner inspired by parkour, where you take on the role of an unnamed man, or silhouette of a man, running away from the clutches of a totalitarian and repressive world. Zombie Gunship is yet another zombie-fighting game with a slightly different perspective, from high above the skies in an AC-130 plane raining down bullets on the walking dead. Riptide GP2 should be familiar to some Android gamers as the racing game where you drive not cars but futuristic hydro jets skidding on top of an interactive water surface.

As always, if you beat the average, you get access to more games. BADLAND Premium is a game that mashes up an atmospheric environment, side-scrolling platformer gameplay, and action adventure themes all in one. Take hold of one of the creatures of a fairytale forest as it tries to discover the root of mysterious events that have suddenly started unfolding. Breach & Clear crosses over to the 3D realm and puts you in command of a Spec Ops team based on real-world squads like the US Army Rangers, Navy Seals, and others. Exercise your strategic and tactical thinking muscles as you plan and execute missions and level up your characters.

For four or six games, you dictate your own price and even how it will distributed between Humble Bundle and chosen charities. The average price to beat to get BADLAND Premium and Breach & Clear currently stands at $3.53. There’s still 13 days to go to make up your mind, but the average is bound to rise in the coming days. Like other bundles, the list of games will most likely be augmented before the campaign is over.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle