The good work does not stop for Humble Bundle, taking your gaming money from you to give it to charities that need it. The deal is always this – they put up some games, and then you pay what you want for it. The money goes to good causes and people who need it. Sounds good, right? So check out these Japanese RPGs (JRPGs) from Kemco and HyperDevbox.

If you pay the minimum of USD$1.00 or more, you get three games – Generation of Chaos, Chronus Arc Premium, and Bonds of the Skies Premium. Pay more than the average – at USD$4.84 as of time of writing – and you get the first three games plus three more – Cross Hearts Arcadia, ExZeus 2, Crystareino Premium.

The last group is when you pay USD$5.00 or more, you get all the six games we mentioned above, plus the last batch of premium games – Blazing Souls Accelate, Spectral Souls, and Legna Tactica. All of these games are popular JRPGs and will usually cost you over USD$70.00 to buy all of them.

So get your cash out and pay for these nice games, and have a chance to help some good people who need your gaming money. The charities include WaterAid America, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Child’s Play Charity, among others.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle