Huawei isn’t satisfied just by taking over Xiaomi in China. The OEM has been setting sights on the American market but with little success. It has released a number of phones already such as the Honor 5X, Huawei Mate 8, and the Huawei GX8 but the company wants a bigger share of the market and so it’s pushing its plans to enter the United States officially and with more offers.

The Chinese OEM’s entry to the Western market has long been anticipated. We know many people interested on getting Huawei phones because of the great reviews but they can’t do so, at least, not as a popular choice because the models available in the country are limited. Huawei continues to be a significant mover in the Chinese mobile industry and it may even be a big player in the US. This also means it’s going to get a portion of the market from some of the top players such as Samsung, LG, and Apple. There’s also ZTE as the fourth biggest name in mobile phones. We just can’t say if Huawei can beat ZTE but the latter must review its marketing strategy if it wants to remain in the business.

The first Huawei phones that will be released next year are the Mate 10 and 10 Pro. A phone is expected from AT&T. If not a year-end reveal then we can probably see it at the upcoming CES 2018. Verizon is also believed to be negotiating with the Chinese tech giant. This isn’t the first Huawei offering in the US but the first time it has partnered with a mobile carrier.

We have no information on pricing plans yet. At this point, we’re happy to know more Huawei devices will be rolling out in the United States. It’s about time.

VIA: ET News