The next-gen Huawei flagship smartphone is about to make waves again. The top Chinese OEM’s premium Android offering is anticipated mainly because of the quad camera setup of the Pro variant. It is said to be unveiled on March 26 together with the regular Huawei P30. The latter may only have three rear cameras but it may also have the same triple camera setup. Anything is possible at this point but check out this Huawei phone with a zoom camera and display on the back.

The Huawei smartphone comes with three cameras–one of which is a periscopic zoom camera. The display on the back is surprising but we know it’s not the first.

Nothing is final here but this could be the Huawei P30–or not. The three cameras are a giveaway. One boasts a periscopic lens with a large optical zoom range. We’re assuming it will be the 10x optical zoom we mentioned earlier. It could also be the one introduced by Oppo.

The design patent images below show the top Chinese OEM is working on a smartphone with a zoom camera and an extra display on the rear. The patent was actually filed on November 28, 2018 but was only published last February 28 by the WIPO and EUIPO.

Could this be the Huawei P30? We highly doubt it but it could be the Huawei Mate 30.

VIA: LetsGoDigital