There is so much drama surrounding Huawei but we cannot say it’s the company’s fault why it’s not doing well in the United States. A number of price cuts for the Huawei Mate 10 Pro means only one thing: no one is buying the phone. The major reason why Huawei isn’t selling in the country is that the US government is encouraging the consumers not to buy. Companies have cut deals with the Chinese OEM so there really is bad publicity.

Earlier this month, we said Huawei is not giving up on the US market according to its CEO even if retailers are planning to discontinue selling all Huawei and Honor devices. To be honest, we don’t think Huawei can make it in the country but even without the US, it will still thrive. It’s already the third biggest in the world and the top phone maker in China. The company is a global brand that even if ignored will still be significant.

Huawei is said to help and get into the AI industry by working on artificial intelligence and the internet of things. These are just some transformative technologies Huawei may get into even without the help of the US. We believe the future of the Chinese brand in the US is bleak since American employees have been recently fired.

Whatever business Huawei has in the United States, we think it would be best if it forgets about the region. We don’t think Huawei will win or flourish in the country where it’s not wanted in the first place for security reasons.

VIA: The New York Times