HUAWEI Mate X 5G Certification

The Huawei Mate X is a real, working foldable phone. It’s not a concept phone nor a prototype. The top Chinese OEM has announced the phone after Samsung rolled out the Galaxy Fold. Many people are saying Huawei’s is already better for many reasons. The outward fold seems better while when it comes to connectivity, the foldable phone already features 5G. While other brands are only planning for the foldable phones, here is Huawei introducing two new tech: the foldable-flexible system and 5G.

The Huawei Mate X 5G foldable phone is here. It appears to be more interesting compared to the Galaxy Fold but we have yet to do a comprehensive review.

Perhaps the idea that the old Huawei foldable phone prototype looked a lot like Samsung’s made the Chinese tech giant do better.

If you’re not yet convinced the Huawei Mate X has an edge, then maybe this good news will–the Huawei foldable phone has finally received its first 5G CE certificate from TÜV Rheinland. The independent inspection service has announced the Mate X passed a series of rigorous training and evaluation.

The Notify Body of the European Union has approved the Huawei Mate X as the first 5G smartphone, ready for everyone who can afford.

Huawei is set to continue working with TÜV Rheinland “on the research of communication product certification technology and promote the scale of 5G terminals for commercial use” according to Huawei Consumer Business Group’s Vice President of Handset Business Bruce Lee.

5G is new tech. It’s not just a faster type as it is more complex. This means testing equipment and standards are also different. This area is relatively new but we believe the start of something more powerful in the future.

SOURCE: Huawei