While Samsung is busy doing the last touches to the Galaxy Note 9, another OEM is ready with its own Note 10. Well, it’s not really a copycat but Huawei has the Honor Note line. We featured the Honor Note 8 in 2016 and the Honor Note 9 last year. Now it’s time for the Honor Note 10 to enter the market. The phone could actually compete with the recently announced Xiaomi Mi Max 3. There is no official announcement yet but we’ve seen leaked images.

Huawei is presently the top Chinese OEM and its products definitely have the potential to be considered the best. From Honor Note 8 to Honor Note 9, Huawei definitely knows what to bring to the mid-range Android flagship market.

The photos below show us a new Honor device being compared with the Nintendo Switch game console. The screen is almost the same size. Never mind the control pad, just the screen.

The border isn’t bezel-less but the screen is still larger. When it comes to specs, rumor has it the Honor Note 10 will use a new GPU Turbo, 6.9-inch screen with QHD+ resolution, 24MP selfie camera, 16MP + 24MP dual rear camera setup, 6000mAh battery, Kirin 970 processor, 128GB onboard storage, and 6GB of RAM.



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