Huawei 3D camera phone

After learning about this, we decided we won’t be surprised if Huawei overtakes Samsung anytime soon. Even without the US mobile market, Huawei got ahead of Apple. It comes in second after Samsung but with all the technology and innovation the top Chinese OEM is rolling out, there is a possibility Huawei will be bigger than Samsung. The brand was the first to make the dual rear camera system a standard. It then followed with a triple rear camera earlier this year.

We don’t think there will be four cameras on the rear next year but Huawei could be adding new features such as 3D camera functions. Three-dimensional images usually require a special kind of camera technology and Huawei may just be able to do it first.

Not that there are no 3D cameras in the market but this may be the first ever to go commercial and as a common phone feature. We heard of this before because the Huawei Mate 20 phone was once said to arrive with a front 3D camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is also said to arrive with 3D sensing camera solutions. We remember the LG Nexus from three years ago was also rumored to come with a 3D camera.

As for Huawei, we have a feeling that when it does release a 3D camera feature, other OEMs will also follow suit. The phone is called this early as the Huawei Princeton. We just heard Huawei will be using Sony sensors.

There is no confirmation from Huawei yet but we’re crossing our fingers it will happen. The 3D camera as a basic phone feature will be revolutionary as anyone can soon take 3D, VR. and AR level images.

VIA: Bloomberg


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