The newly announced smartphones from Samsung, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ haven’t officially arrived in the market yet and already people are speculating about next year’s flagship and what it will bring to the ever-crowded and critical public table. Tentatively called the Samsung Galaxy S10, the strongest (and most logical) rumor right now is that it will have 3D sensing camera features. An Israeli start up called Mantis Vision is rumored to be working with the Korean OEM alongside camera module firm Namuga.

Namuga has been a regular supplier for Samsung’s mid-range and lower-end devices, particularly for its camera module. Aside from that, the company has actually been providing 3-D sensing camera modules for the RealSense AR cameras of Intel. So it won’t really be surprising if they’ll be dabbling into the higher-end devices for Samsung, but this time around they reportedly will be collaborating with the start up Mantis Vision that specializes in 3D and augmented reality technology.

3D sensing cameras are now a fixture in virtual reality, augmented reality, drone and autonomous driving technologies. Ever since Apple adopted the facial recognition enabled 3D camera for its iPhone X, it’s only a matter of time before its Android rivals actually match it and try to beat it at its own 3D game. And Mantis Vision, which powered the 3D mapping technology in the now-defunct Project Tango by Google, may help Samsung at least get on the playing field.

We don’t know anything about the Galaxy S10 yet but if ever Samsung was going to go big, then next year should be it as it will be the 10th anniversary of their flagship line. Let the speculation begin!

VIA: The Investor


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