We suspect many would think AT&T will have the HTC One or GALAXY S 4 listed as a flagship, but it looks like the carrier has other plans. In fact, it seems they have plans that might surprise more than a few of you. Think Facebook, or more specifically, think HTC First. It seems AT&T will be launching the HTC First smartphone as their flagship.

In speaking with CNET, AT&T spokesperson Claudia Knop noted that the HTC First will be the carriers ” flagship smartphone for the spring.” With that in mind, AT&T will be launching the HTC First on April 12. The handset will sell for $99 on a two-year agreement. Shifting back to bit about the First being a flagship, this news also came with a bit about why the decision was made.

It seems this decision actually comes down to more than just the phone and the hardware. AT&T is choosing the HTC First as a flagship based in part because of the partnership with Facebook. That and, the bit about the First only coming to AT&T. In that respect, AT&T will be focusing their promotional efforts on the First.

Basically, that means you will likely be seeing more and more of the HTC First over the upcoming weeks and months. Anyone considering the First? Or at the very least, anyone considering recommending the First for a Facebook loving friend or family member? If so, you you may benefit from reading our recently published HTC First review.

[via CNET]

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