HTC Thunderbolt: It’s not your dream phone, it’s the one after that. As if my last story about the Thunderbolt wasn’t enough, We now have news of some In-Store Verizon pamphlets showing a little more details about the device. Our friends over at Phandroid have got some pictures of the pamphlet Verizon will be using to push the launch of the device. As you look through the pages it boasts some good information.

Verizon outlines a few details regarding the extreme speeds of Verizon’s 4G LTE Network, Skype video chat working seamless with PC users, and mobile hotspot to name a few. If you read my link at the beginning you’ll see the price is still expected to be $299, unless the in-store pictures at Best Buy prove to be accurate. We still don’t know for sure when this device will make it to the masses. So hold tight and be ready to buy some of that 4G speed when it finally gets released.

[via Phandroid]