If you are one of the many using the HTC Thunderbolt and have watched almost every other HTC device over at Verizon and elsewhere get updated to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, well we have some good news, sort of. While the update is still not ready for prime-time for some odd reason the official build has indeed been leaked. You can download and give it a run now, but most likely that bootloader hole has been filled.

Build number 2.07.605.0 was recently leaked for the T-bolt and while this will not be the final build come OTA time, it is an official build from HTC. Most of the other leaks were unofficial test builds that were still full of bugs, this should be much more stable and overall a better experience. If you don’t want to wait for the real thing head over to the source linked to below and get to flashing as the process is fairly easy.

We saw that buggy test build leaked way back in May then nothing from that point forward. Earlier this month it was said to have been delayed again but now that we are seeing an official HTC build things may finally be shaping up for the Thunderbolt. So give this leaked build a try, go flash some CM7, or just wait for it to finally hit as an official update although we still have no word on when that might happen.

As always we hold no responsibility for your actions, flash this at your own risk, and enjoy!

[device id=65]

[via RootzWiki]


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