It appears the HTC Thunderbolt is set to receive another update starting tonight. Sadly this is not the update to Gingerbread that leaked way back in May, rather some more bug fixes. Many have been experiencing random reboot issues since the last bug fix update, and this aims to fix that issue as well as add a few other improvements.

Along with fixing the random reboot issues they also state it will fix data connectivity problems, improve call history and bluetooth discovery just to name a few. Oh and fun they are also pre-loading NY Times into your bookmarks, isn’t that exciting? This update should be available to pull to your device at 8PM Eastern Time starting tonight July 8th.

The Thunderbolt is getting bug fixes while the Incredible 2 is getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread updates but we have a feeling the Thunderbolt will receive an OTA to 2.3 any time now, but for now users are stuck with 2.2 FroYo. Would you rather get Gingerbread or bug fixes first? Please note that the popular developer for the Thunderbolt @TeamAndIRC are reporting that if you are rooted or running a custom rom you should NOT take the update and wait for the developers to check it over, but you probably already knew that.

[via Droid-Life]


  1. I’m very happy getting the bug fixes first.  Gingerbread isn’t earth shattering.  The two things I’m hoping it will enable is Netflix coming to the device, and Skype video chat.  Outside of that if you look at the basics GB brings it’s not worth rooting or crying about it not being on the device yet. 


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