It would appear as if some HTC One users will begin getting the Android 4.3 update next week. The details have been shared by Jason Mackenzie, President of HTC USA who has recently taken to Twitter with some basic details on terms of the update for those in the US and Canada. And it looks like those in Canada will be getting the update a bit sooner.

Anyway, the HTC One Developer Edition will be first up and followed soon after by the regular carrier branded HTC One. Mackenzie has said “the latest Sense experience and Android 4.3 will push to the One Dev Edition owners this week and One customer in Canada by months end.” While this sounds like good news for those sporting a One in Canada, we have yet to see any specifics from the carriers.

Shifting over to the US and it looks like the Android 4.3 update is still in the works. In terms of the US, Mackenzie was able to offer little more than the promise of more news to follow. For this he has said HTC is “still working hard and optimistic for US carrier certification.” That statement ended with him asking users to “stay tuned to @HTCUSA for more news soon.”

Of course, while the news isn’t quite as good for those in the US, we have seen some progress being made. A build of Android 4.3 leaked for the AT&T branded HTC One earlier in the month. At that time early reports were suggesting the update could arrive officially before the end of September, however after hearing what Mackenzie had to say, it doesn’t look like September is a good estimate any longer.

Aside from talk of the HTC One, he also briefly mentioned the DROID DNA with Verizon Wireless. Big Red recently offered a changelog for an update, however it looks like that update may leave the handset with Android 4.2.2, as opposed to the previously expected Android 4.3. But on the bright side, that DROID DNA update will give users the latest Sense experience and is said to becoming before the end of the year.