We had previously been told that Verizon and HTC would begin rolling out a Sense 5 update for the DROID DNA sometime this summer. Well, while we have yet to learn of a specific release date for that update, there has been a confirmation from Verizon Wireless. It seems Big Red has recently updated the DROID DNA support pages with mention of Sense 5.

The support pages were discovered by Droid-Life and so far the update has been listed as “coming soon.” Verizon tends to have these updates available fairly soon after they update the support pages, but again, no timeline has been given. And to further that, we have yet to hear any reports from users about Sense 5 arriving.

Putting that aside, for now we have the updated support pages which is touting this updates as being one that will “improve the performance of your DROID DNA.” The specific categories that are being mentioned include People, Calendar, BlinkFeed, Gallery, Quick Settings and the Smart Dialer. These options will likely be familiar to those who have been paying attention to Sense 5, however it will certainly be nicer to have them (as opposed to reading about them).


While these all look and sound like worthwhile improvements, we suspect the Quick Settings option along with the new Gallery and BlinkFeed will be the items that stand out most. BlinkFeed (for those unfamiliar) will bring a home screen option that is personalized with news and information that you want to see.

With that, one bit that we have yet to see mentioned is whether Sense 5 will be arriving as part of an update to Android 4.3 or if the DROID DNA will stick with Android 4.2. Of course, HTC’s president of global sales, Jason Mackenzie had said that Android 4.3 would be available for the DNA by the end of September.

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless