I know you guys just can’t wait to run down and buy that Facebook phone known as the HTC Status. I mean who wouldn’t want a cute phone with a dedicated Facebook button right? It’s pure genius! The phone wont be for sale for a few more days but its already showing up at Best Buy Mobile so maybe you can convince a nice employee to sell you one early.

We recently were able to enjoy the phone ourselves so feel free to check out our HTC Status hands-on and unboxing video. Burnsy is checking it out over the next few days and will report back a full review soon. While you wait you can also watch a few other videos AT&T posted about the Status.

Unless you get lucky it will still be a few days before you can run down and buy one yourself, but if you happen to get it early make sure to come back and leave us a picture and say hello in the comment section below as we’d love to see it. Once again stay tuned for our full review of the HTC Status coming soon.

[via Android Central]