Exciting, what do we have here? Some videos of the HTC Status showing off that lovely dedicated Facebook button. In case you’ve missed the commotion the HTC Status features full Facebook integration as well as a dedicated Facebook button. It was recently officially announced, and is now available for pre-order. AT&T was nice enough to tip of about a few videos they have for everyone to see this “Facebok Phone” in action.

Our sister site SlashGear recently reviewed the HTC ChaCha who is basically the twin sister to the Status so feel free to read that for more info on the cute little device. You’ve probably read plenty about it, it features a 2.6″ display with Android 2.3 and that all mighty Facebook button for all your update needs, but I’ll skip right to the videos.


AT&T also posted this video, it gives users a much closer look at the overall device as well as the user interface. I must admit the screen feels a bit crowded, but I could be wrong. This device being on Android, your favorite news site here at Android Community will have it in our hands and will get it fully reviewed VERY soon, so stay tuned if you’d like to see even more about this device AC style.