Remember yesterday when we dropped a truth bomb on you with the post entitled LG Optimus Skittles? Well it turns out that the colors march on. Here comes a couple more colorways for your ever-loving HTC ChaCha, this time released on Canada’s TELUS Mobility mobile carrier, some fabulous blacks, blues, purples and highlights in pink! How ever could you resist this little monster now? You can’t. Don’t resist.

Now if we could only convince HTC to supply all carriers of this device with all the different colors, we’d be in real fashion business. This situation also harkens back to the most recent post on HTC leaking a bit of info on their supposed “smartphone for women” in the HTC Glamor. All the colors under the sun with slightly less awesome specs inside. Sound like your cup of tea, ladies? The ChaCha on the other hand has the same specs inside with different colored hard plastic on the outside. Better to identify the countries this way I suppose.

If you’d like to pick one of these devices up, head over to TELUS and tell us what they say when you tell them that Android Community told you to tell them to bring these colors to the USA. If you’d like to see a full review of this device, head down to our HTC ChaCha Review and note that this is a review of the Euro edition of the device. The USA version of the device is not yet formally announced, but we can expect to see it VERY soon, if you know what I mean, to AT&T with supposed hardware tweaks beyond the coloring.

Which color is your favorite thus far?

[via Mobile Syrup]



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