The image you see below has been pushed around these interwebs for a few hours now with many comments about tiny tweaks in hardware in tow. Truthfully though, if you take a look at the photos we’ve taken of the actual unit as it sits in England right this very moment, the promotional image you see to the right here is less like the real deal and more like an early iteration. On the other hand, the image you see to the left, aka the AT&T version coming out soon, a much more realistic image of the actual unit you shall see.

Below and above feel free to compare. Obviously we’ve got a device with different branding on it, but the square Facebook button has been rounded in both casis, the buttons line up perfectly, and the only change you’re going to see as far as metal and plastic goes is the coloring on the phone buttons. That said, you can still feel free to recognize the dates on the devices, that being February 15th on the original Euro vision of the device and July 17th for the AT&T version – draw you own conclusions from those, and see how, between you and me, this device’s lip actually appears to be closer to the original than this AT&T vision would have us believe. AND of course I’d be remiss and be lampooned in the comments if I didn’t mention that of course there will be hardware differences on the inside of this device because of the differences between Euro and American carriers – but those aren’t cosmetic of course, so we shall still file them under “invisible.”

You can also check out our man in England’s review of the Euro version of this device on SlashGear as well as our big HTC ChaCha portal here on Android Community. Then you may want to point your eyeballs back to a post that included a leaked AT&T roadmap as it included the ChaCha (codenamed lele) pegged as a second quarter release here in 2011. Everything is lining up!

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[via PocketNow]