Listen up, UK residents: if you’re sporting HTC’s beats-enabled plus-sized smartphone, you’ll want to check your setting menu for a long-overdue Android 4.0 update. Reports are surfacing that the HTC Sensation XL is seeing its Ice Cream Sandwich rollout begin, at least for those on Vodafone. Other scattered reports say that international models are being updated as well, and they’re getting it over the air.

If you’ve forgotten about the Sensation XL… well, we couldn’t blame you. The phone is a stretched-out version of the European Sensation with a massive 4.7-inch screen, one of the largest on any available device when it launched in October. Reviews were mixed, however, thanks to the relatively low resolution of 480×800. The phone ran Gingerbread at launch, and depending upon which package was purchased, came bundled with Beats Solo headphones or the larger around-the-ear cans. The Sensation XL was one of the first devices to take advantage of HTC’s partnership with Beats, and foreshadowed the HTC Rezound in the US.

If HTC follows its own pattern, the update should bring all the standard Ice Cream Sandwich features, but leave off the slick HTC Sense 4.0 for 3.6, a mild upgrade over version 3.5 which graced the phone upon its launch. HTC has slowly but surely been updating its high-profile phones prior to the One series. In the US, only T-Mobile’s Sensation and Amaze 4G and AT&T’s HTC Vivid have been officially updated.

[via KnowYourMobile]