So you know what you’re dealing with when it comes to a total dual-core brawl, but what about HTC’s current bigtime winner, the HTC ThunderBolt? Will it simply be left in the dust, crushed, hopeless, crying in the dirt when it comes to battling its brother the HTC Sensation? Perhaps! Let’s have a look at the specs on both devices and see what the numbers can tell us – and don’t forget, some people choose a phone based on it’s fancy good looks, which means the HTC ThunderBolt with its tank-like extended battery might have a fighting chance!

Really quite fashionable, right? We’re going to go ahead and root for the back piece of the HTC Sensation 4G on this one, as it DOES have a sleek ribbon-like mark of distinction. But what about the kickstand? How will I ever survive without my beloved kickstand?

HTC Sensation : 4.3-inch SLCD 540 x 960 pixel resolution [Gorilla Glass]
HTC ThunderBolt : 4.3-inch LCD 480 x 800 pixel resolution [Gorilla Glass]

S : 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM 8260 Dual-core
T : 1 GHz Snapdragon

S : 8-megapixel back with autofocus, dual-LED flash, VGA .3-megapixels front
T : 8-megapixel back with autofocus, dual-LED flash, 1.3-megapixels front

S : 768 MB
T : 768 MB

Internal Memory
S : 1 GB
T : 1.9 GB

Memory Expansion
S : microSD Expansion Slot – unknown size capability
T : microSD Expansion Slot – expandable up to 32 GB

S : 148 grams (5.22 ounces)
T : 177 grams (6.23 ounces)

S : 126.1 x 65.4 x 11.3 mm
T : 121 x 62 x 14 mm

S : 1520 mAh
T : 1400 mAh

Which one survives with the fewest chunks bitten off?! Heavy war! Easy decision.