If you have an HTC Thunderbolt, you know how much of a bulge that extended battery makes in your pocket and how exposed the phone is without a protective case that can accomodate it. Now there’s a nice silicone case available that streamlines the look of the phone to make it look far less like a camel hump. The cases were specifically designed with the extended battery in mind and also feature a slit for the Thunderbolt’s kickstand, an opening for all necessary ports, and cameras. Unfortunately, though, the Extended Battery Fit Silicone cases are on back order.

As reported back in February, the HTC Thunderbolt had such problems with battery life, that Verizon had to delay the launch while trying to stretch it beyond just a few hours. The problem was the paltry 1400 mAh battery, which at most provided 3-4 hours running 4G. HTC and Verizon briefly considered a firmware update, but in the end, a hardware solution had to be devised.

The solution they came up with was a very bulbous 2750 mAh extended life battery which replaced the original and sells for around $50. The problem though, was that it has prevents any case from being used without severe modifications. So now that there’s a protective solution that works around the hump of the E.L.B. Thunderbolt users can breathe again. When they are available again, the cases will be available in six colors (black, dark blue, light blue, red, pink, and gray) and sell for $24.99.

[via HTCpedia]