Well now we’ve got quite the look at the HTC Sensation (NO LONGER to be known as the HTC Pyramid) as our man in England mister Chris Davies had his hands-on with it and a good look at its inside and outsides. Now what we want is, of course, the benchmarks! Which ones shall we chose? Why, Quadrant and SunSpider of course, we wanna know how fast it’s processing AND how fast it’s browsing – so lets have at it!

First we’ve got Quadrant, which as you know tests the CPU, the I/O, and the 3D graphics performance of the device it’s being run on. We use this test for essentially every device we come across that’s able to handle it. Take a peek at our portals for both Quadrant and SunSpider for tests on other devices.

NOTE: I must also warn you that Quadrant isn’t quite optimized yet for dual-core, so these results may be skewed because of that.

This second test is indeed SunSpider, which if you’ve been following our benchmarks for a while now you’ll know is a test of the core JavaScript language of the browser it’s being tested in. What it does is run a set of tests, or problems, that test real performance of the browser – in this case, the stock browser on the HTC Sensation, running whichever build they’ve got it going on at the moment – definitely, certainly not a final build by any stretch of the imagination.