Things seem to looking really bad for HTC. Although not as bad as its predicted 8% loss, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has just reported a financial loss of 6.3% for the third quarter that ended Monday. This, together with other figures and activities, or lack thereof, could spell big trouble for the company.

Things haven’t always been like this for HTC. It’s popularity and its market shares surged around 2010 and peaked to 10.7% in 2011. However, it has no sunk to lower than 4.3% according to Gartner. The company is experiencing some tough competition not only globally against the likes of Apple or fellow Android smartphone maker Samsung, but even in its home region where it has to take on ZTE and Xaiomi.

In August, HTC embarked on a quest to redefine its image and propel it back into the spotlight, even employing the persona of Robert Downey Jr in its viral marketing campaign. Unfortunately, we have yet to see the fruits of its’ “Here To Change” thrust. And it should do so quickly, as reports are showing that HTC has lost 90% of its value since 2011.

The financial loss of HTC for the third quarter amounted $101 million on revenues of $1.6 billion, quite a substantial loss for an already struggling company. Fans of the company’s smartphones, such as the HTC One, One Mini, and maybe even the delayed HTC One Max are surely hoping that HTC can recover in time before it ends up like BlackBerry and Nokia.


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