We had been seeing the teasers from HTC and there was even a leaked video that surfaced last night but it looks like campaign has officially kicked off. HTC has posted the first video in the #HTChange campaign, the one featuring Robert Downey Jr. The video has arrived on various social sites this morning and measures in as a 2 minute video with HTC having Robert Downey Jr. do the explaining.

The problem is, we aren’t exactly sure that he managed to actually do any explaining. The video was slightly entertaining to watch, but simply continues with the play on the HTC name by saying that it can be “anything you want it to be.” Things begin with the helicopter ride, which now has been revealed as bringing in Robert Downey Jr. Once landed he heads in to a meeting where instead of being introduced, it was said that “subversive thinking has arrived.”

Robert Downey Jr. jumps right in with the HTC name play beginning with a humongous tinfoil catamaran. And this is where the entertaining part comes in, they actually show a humongous tinfoil catamaran as it sails away. Of course, while we have the catamaran, the video manages to tease the bit about HTC being anything you want it to be. Basically, it goes on to thrown around several other options as to what HTC could stand for including hipster troll carwash and hold this cat.


Needless to say, the video brings things back to what we have been seeing. Simply put, while this is the full-length video that HTC has been teasing, it seems they are still teasing and have closed the video with the now-familiar tagline of “here’s to change.” The question remains though, what is Robert Downey Jr. going to help HTC to change?