Just to push the issue a bit more, HTC has just released new tutorial videos to coincide with the launch of its new HTC Desire EYE smartphone, which is probably has the world’s most powerful selfie camera at the moment. The new videos – seen on HTC’s YouTube channel – range from the informative tutorial to the “what were you thinking?!?” – so allow us to share these with you.

The first video show one of the Desire EYE’s very innovative features – that is, Face Tracking while on a video call. The video also gives instructions on how to share your screen if you want to show it over a video call. Pretty nifty.

The second video shows the Split Capture feature which enables the user to capture video (and take pictures, we suppose) using both front-facing and back camera. This gives you “both sides of the story”, HTC says.

The third video tells of the Auto Selfie and the Voice Selfie – two ways of easily taking photos of yourselves with the Desire EYE’s powerful 13MP front-facing camera. These features have been seen on other phones before – like priming your phone to automatically take a picture when you smile, or when you say “Cheese!”

The fourth video is where we begin to venture into strange and “why why why?!?” If you’ve ever wanted to “photoshop” your face for a selfie, then HTC gives you Live Makeup – a chance to smoothen your face before you selfie. Watch the video while we facepalm.

The fifth video is a cringefest, to be honest. HTC somehow thinks that it is “cool” to mix your face with someone else’s. Why would you do that? But if you ever wanted to, HTC has that for you, too. Oh dear.

If you currently using one of the HTC latest device like the One M8, the “EYE Experience” enhancement will be also made available to HTC’s recent models soon.

SOURCE: HTC on YouTube