While any hint of the HTC One Max was noticeably missing from the IFA trade show earlier this month, the Internet doesn’t want to be silent about it. What we have now is a series of photos showing not just the smartphone itself but as well as some screens of the software running on it.

HTC was expected to unveil the largest member of its HTC One family at IFA in Berlin to compete with new product announcements such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note III and Sony’s Xperia Z1. But despite the company’s beefed up marketing campaign, which involved hiring Robert Downey Jr., HTC’s presence at IFA was quite unglamarous and the HTC One Max was a no-show.

Netizens then took to their more familiar element for the latest information on the smartphone, this time coming from Chinese social networking site Weibo. While the gallery of photos shows nothing new, the sight of an actual working unit, as well as what could be the rumored fingerprint scanner, might give HTC fans a sliver of hope that the smartphone would be coming really soon.

Perhaps HTC is bidding its time to announce its Snapdragon 800-bearing 5.9-inch baby, but it probably shouldn’t wait too long lest the window of opportunity pass it by.



  1. The last I heard it was a 4 mp ultra pixelated camera 🙁 And a non removable battery. IT is mostly like the Note III. But some aspects of the phone is following Apple. I will wait to see. But From what I have seen and read. I will wait til next year.

  2. Have you used the One’s camera in real world? It is amazing and can capture images I cant even see. My biggest concern with phone cameras are quick shots, mostly indoors, poor lighting/night and the One’s camera performed amazingly. I think it is one of the best ideas in a long time but some people only see MP’s and think that is the end all be all of specs.

  3. I must admit I am both an HTC fanboy & losing interest in this device as I see nothing tangible to make this compete with the third Galaxy Note. I question the lack of a stylus, removable memory, & removable battery-STRONG removable battery. So far, nothing has blown me away about the One Max………other than the fact that HTC is creating a phablet in the first place.


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