An earlier image leak had the HTC One Max sitting side-by-side with the regular-sized One and the One Mini. While the size comparison was good to see, the more interesting portion of that image was what appeared to be a fingerprint scanner on the backside of the HTC One Max. That was looking like it would be a feature on the handset until another spec leak arrived with no mention of the scanner being included.

Well, it appears as if things have flipped once again. This latest comes in the form of another image leak. The pics are coming by way of the Chinese language ePrice and clearly show a cutout for a fingerprint scanner. This also goes to show that those earlier images were actually showing the scanner and not simple a black spot to cover something else. This time around we are seeing the scanner with the handset complete and with the backing removed.


Bottom line here, there is no arguing the fact that the One Max handset in these images has a cut out for the fingerprint scanner. Of course, whether we see that on the actual production model One Max remains another story. With that in mind, these images are said to be of a production model One Max for China Unicom. To further that though, the fingerprint scanner could also be something that is coming only to select markets.

Otherwise, while there is still likely some doubt as to the existence of the fingerprint scanner on the One Max, there is some hints in the software as well. As you can see in the image sitting below — the drop down menu shade has what appears to be an option with a fingerprint.


All said and done, the HTC One Max specs look to have been leaked in full at this point but we do have to remember that nothing is official until we hear something direct from HTC. In the meantime, it seems fairly certain that more leaks, rumors and speculation will arrive but we are looking towards IFA for an official unveiling.


  1. Intriguing rumor… but I still don’t know what I’d do a finger scanner on a phone. Almost sounds like a gimmick like the 3D camera on the EVO 3D a few years back…. unless there’s some real dedicated software enhancements that makes the fingerpring scanner relevant. Hmmm….

  2. Fingerprint scanner would be great if it is very quickly activated. At the moment, I am required by work to have a password enabled lock screen. This means several seconds delay when I need to use the phone while I log on and then launch the appropriate application from the home screen.

    A well done fingerprint unlock could potentially allow me to successfully unlock and launch key apps asap.

    The ultimate would be being able to position finger on scanner and have phone unlock even as I am still removing the phone from the pocket…

    Depends on if you would also need to hit power button first. Maybe you could hit power button first and then align finger as you remove the phone, but that sounds less smooth.

    I find myself excited at the prospect, simply because of the number of times I hesitated using the phone for something because I did not feel it worth the trouble/didn’t feel there was enough time to go through the unlock and launch routine.


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