HTC ONE M9 VS iPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy S6

Which smartphone is the best? I’m sure you have your own biases but HTC thinks they have the best one today in the market. In an effort to prove the latest flagship phone is better than the other popular ones, the company conducted several blind tests comparing an HTC One M9 against the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. Obviously, the results were in favor of the HTC smartphone although we’re not quite sure and convinced.

In the video below, two different smartphones were hidden inside similar phone cases so testers won’t know which one was being used. The first test? Selfie in low light. Guys clad in all-black outfit bringing black cardboards were called to bring in the “darkness”.

The testers were asked to take two selfies, one using each phone. They had no clue that the other one was an HTC One M9 but when asked which image was better, each one pointed on the photo taken using the HTC phone. One point for HTC.

Video No. 2, the undercover phones where used to play a music. Testers where then asked which one was blasting the best audio—clearer and louder. The HTC One M9 was compared once again with an iPhone 6. Two points in favor of HTC.

Last but not the least was this blind Speed test by doing an app race smartphone challenge. Two undercover phones were used again to know which one will load apps faster. Results were in favor of the HTC One M9 but most testers thought they were using a Samsung phone. They didn’t expect to see an HTC device. Three points.

As the host would ask, “Did the results surprise you?”. They sure did. But hey, good job HTC. The videos were sure fun to watch. We’re wondering if the positive results were because of the recent software update released earlier in June. Phone sure is a mild improvement from the One M8 but is it really better than the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6? You be the judge.