The HTC One M9 may have won against the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 in its own series of blind tests the company recently conducted but we can’t conceal the fact that since the software udpate, some M9 owners have been complaining that the phone is slow to charge now. The software update released earlier in June may have made the camera better but it did something bad to the battery.

Others are saying that the situation is worse because from the usual less than two hours (1 hour and 46 mins of charging time), it now takes about 13 hours to fully charge the battery according to Italian tech site If not full charging is the problem, it’s battery life that is suffering–being drained up quickly than ever.

HTC is already aware of the problem and has finally acknowledged it although there’s no official statement released yet. The past weeks, HTC has been busy replying to inquiries on Twitter regarding the slow charging issue. Ironically, HTC blames the Google Photos app for the problem and suggests users to uninstall app or simply restart the phone. Has the problem been fixed? Sadly, no. Phone is still charging very slow.

HTC is sharing those suggestions as temporary fix only until an official software update is released. However, not one has worked so it’s really upsetting for the HTC One M9 owners. What do you think is the problem here?

VIA: Neowin