The update to HTC’s One is expected soon, and it has seen a good amount of rumor mongering. The latest regards the presence of a fingerprint sensor, with new cases lending credence to something other than a camera on the rear of the device. Given the sensor on the One Max, we’re not convinced.

Though various cases for the current HTC One tend to have a sideways teardrop to accommodate both the camera and flash, cases meant for the updated version have a larger cutout. That leads many to believe there will be a fingerprint sensor on the back near the camera, much as there is with the HTC One Max. Considering other news of the new HTC handset, we’re not entirely convinced that’s the case (pun intended).


It’s doubtful that HTC would stray from the fingerprint sensor on the One Max, should they have one on the new device, and the cutouts of new cases doesn’t seem to be large enough to accommodate it. HTC may be going with a rounded scanner towards the top of the device, but again, we’re not convinced. Part of the doubt has to do with a resin mock-up of a device — said to be the new HTC device — and part has to do with the bulk of cases and the ability to scan fingerprints with them on.


On the resin model, we’re seeing a camera cutout and elongated flash, which lend credence to the larger spaces we’ve seen on the various cases. While no other cutout is present on the resin handheld, it could be an earlier version of the device, or just an error. If the smaller cutout is the fingerprint sensor, we’re wondering how useful it will be. The placement is also kind of odd.


It’s still early days for the HTC refresh. Though we’ve seen quite a bit of info leak out, the fingerprint scanner is still conflicted, so we’ll wait for something official first. We’re not really sold on the technology outside of the iPhone, but perhaps HTC has something new to offer. Maybe we’ll see just what that is at MWC this February.
VIA: Gotta Be Mobile