If you’re one of the many who’s excited to see the next Nexus then you’ll want to mark October 29th down in your calender, and read on below for additional details. According to a French national newspaper Le Figaro, Google and LG will be announcing the new “LG Nexus 4” on October 29th, and it will be available the same day.

Now obviously you’ll want to take this with a grain of salt, for two reasons. One being that we’ve never heard of this newspaper having breaking tech news before, and why are they suddenly releasing breaking news about a Nexus. Secondly, Google (or any Android manufacturers) has never released a product on the exact same day they make an announcement — that’s just a hard sell. Even Apple and their fan-base has to wait a few weeks before getting their new products.

According to the report, Google and LG will jointly announce and unveil the all new LG Nexus 4 — and that’s what they’re calling it — on the 29th and make it immediately available internationally. This also means we could see it arrive on the Google Play Store for the US on the same day.

One interesting point here is October 29th is the same date rumored for the Dive Into Mobile conference later this month in NYC where we’ve also heard Google will first unveil the smartphone. Between the matching dates and now the name LG Nexus 4 appearing twice things are looking as concrete as ever for this rumor. Here’s to hoping Google releases a 32GB version of this smartphone, because yesterdays leak has many worried about only having 8GB of internal storage. Stay tuned folks!

— Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


  1. I understand trying to keep costs down, but if they only give the device 8gb of internal storage, with no SD card that will be a non-starter for a lot of people.


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