We’re not closing the Mobile World Congress yet but we’re a bit bummed that there’s still no HTC M10 yet. Then again, we were already told not to expect the next premium flagship from the Taiwanese phone maker because launch is said to be on April 11. In the M10’s absence, the company introduced the One X9 and the three new Desire phones–Desire 530, 630, and 825.

The alleged HTC M10 was posted on a Chinese website. It’s similar to the mockup revealed a few weeks ago. Actually, we can expect this to be announced with a new name so as early as now, prepare yourself not to have an M10 but rather a new smartphone with a new name. We’re also not expecting the HTC Perfume name would be used because it doesn’t sound geeky enough.

The HTC M10/Perfume may look like the one pictured above. There’s the same line on the top most area of the back panel just above the cam. The camera sensor is still the same round lens in the middle and the flash on its right.

So far, here’s what we know about the HTC M10 specS: 5.1-inch AMOLED screen, 2650 x 1440 pixels, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4BG RAM, 16/32/64GB onboard storage, 13MP rear camera, 12-UltraPixel camera with laser autofocus, 4K video recording capability, microSD card slot, and a 3000mAh battery.

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    • I think we all are, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go, only to remain on mid range devices. Here’s why.
      Everyone is expecting a flagship phone to have everything it’s predecessor had, and to add on top of that, but unfortunately the M9 didn’t sell very well, upon the release of the A9, HTC saw a surge in sales. They believe they have a winning design here, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see boomsound gone altogether.

      • Oh Yea they do, the desire line has retained the boomsound speakers, believe me I don’t like touchwiz either, LG just got rid of the app drawer and Sony isn’t doing anything too impressive either, sense is as close to pure Android as you can get.
        I wish HTC would implement the boomsound speakers the way they did on the desire eye.

      • MAYBE in an Asia-only secondary high-end product will (such as a Butterfly 4 or M10+ Supreme).

        I think too many people nagged about the black bar, and HTC claimed that there were important components there they couldn’t move elsewhere. However, I consider this a poor excuse as the Moto X Style and Xperia Z5 have larger screen-body ratios than the M9. Then for the X9 they had BoomSound, capactive buttons and a 71% screen-body ratio, go figure.

        I agree the M7 had the design first but it was blatantly obvious the A9 copied the iPhone. It may work well in some countries but in others people would rather have the real thing or something else entirely. Even if they had a “surge” in sales, their overall stock has still been declining for the past 3 years or so. Not the most accurate survey, but when I was in Taiwan I saw way more people with Sony Xperias than HTC phones, and of those I didn’t see anyone with the A9.

      • The thing with that is, the design of the X9 pushed the speakers to the top and the bottom of the device, so the black bar went with it, I’m guessing they must have had a good reason to ditch boomsound on their flagship device, if they can get one speaker to sound good and have consistently louder sound I believe it’s not going to make much of a difference. How do you feel about it possibly being gone?

      • I actually prefer the speakers at the top and bottom edges – this maximizes the stereo separation. On the Xperia Z5 Sony the front speakers actually face to the side rather than forward, deflecting off the little side wall (I guess this is supposed to amplify the sound like cupping your hand on a rear speaker). I was a bit concerned reading some reviews that the Z5’s speakers were not loud enough or were poor quality, but when I compared it to my HTC Butterfly s (front-facing speakers) the Z5 was only slightly quieter and less bassy, but it sounded much cleaner, and the stereo separation was more obvious. There are also other smartphones out there that have louder stereo speakers than HTC, like the Moto X Style and Nexus 6P. HTC was probably playing it safe so that the sound doesn’t distort but I recall seeing a video of the X Style compared to the M9 and the X Style sounded louder and clearer.

        Personally I wouldn’t buy another phone without stereo speakers, as I find it rather cumbersome to wear headphones while playing some game (like Smash Hit or Horizon Chase) or watch YouTube videos and I would still want the stereo effect. I know a lot of people don’t care much about it as they would use headphones or speakers but I’d still like to have the option there.

        For the M10 they might be going for a single speaker on the bottom of the phone like the A9.


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