From Samsung Galaxy S7 to LG G5, let’s now move to the upcoming HTC One M10. Little is known about the next flagship of the Taiwanese company but we’re crossing our fingers this will be a game-changer for HTC. You see, HTC figures haven’t been good so it needs all the reinforcements it can get and really sell more phones this year.

XDA member hamdir recently shared a mockup image of the HTC M10. He was hoping to beat Evan Blass (@evleaks) in releasing an early image of the upcoming smartphone. The image above is just a render but we can assume that the M10’s design won’t be much different from the HTC One M9, One A9, and One M8.

There will be some changes but to the ordinary people, you may not notice them unless pointed out. It’s only a mockup but this HTC One M10 looks clean and more streamlined. There’s no HTC logo in front so probably more people would think of this as an iPhone at first glance. The front-facing BoomSound speakers seem to be missing as well.

According to past rumors, the HTC One M10 may use either of the two processors: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and a MediaTek (MTK) chipset . This could mean two HTC One M10 models and with the processor depending on the region.

Phone is also known as the HTC Perfume. It’s just codename and perhaps a subtle way of prepping the consumers that it’s time to let go of the “M” and call the smartphone a new name. We don’t think it will be really called Perfume but we believe the new name rumor. Launch is said to be on April 11 (or earlier) in London so don’t expect HTC to make a huge announcement in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress.

Specs were revealed last month but we’re not sure if they’re final already: 5.1-inch AMOLED screen, 2650 x 1440 pixel resolution (QHD), Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 16/32/64GB built-in storage, 4GB RAM, 13MP rear camera or a 12-UltraPixel camera with laser autofocus, and 4K video recording capability. We also learned phone will have a microSD card slot for storage expansion. No mention on battery size and the front camera yet.

VIA: XDA, PhoneArena


  1. M7 was perfect. Buttons not ‘in the screen’ and slim. All it lacked was MP on the cameras but the M8 was too fat, M9 was also fat and with an odd shape camera and plus the buttons in the screen. Now by the looks of it this one is slimmer with a nice camera but still, the buttons are inside the screen. And also some strange button on the bottom, like samsung or iphone… No need for such a button. M7 was perfect.


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