Those of you who love to peek at the insides of the phones before and after you’ve actually got the devices in your hands, your time is now, again! Having just released the Kernel Source Codes and Binaries for mtTouch 4G, Desire HD, Aria, and Desire Z a mere three days ago, the HTC Developer Center now sends out the sources of Droid Eris, Gratia, and our current in-pocket favorite, HTC Inspire 4G. Bigtime insides for all of the hacking and peeking at.

As you’ll soon be discovering, the HTC Gratia is a 2.6.32 kernel source code, the same as the Inspire 4G, while the Droid Eris is back at 2.6.29. You can grab all of these files completely for free and so forth over at the HTC Developer Center. Take a peek back at our full HTC Inspire 4G Review next, and have a big fat look at all of our HTC-specific news by entering the [HTC PORTAL]. It will suck you in!