Oh you lovers of the insides of phones, today is one of those good days. Good days for the HTC involved, that is, as several phones have had their Android source codes released via HTC’s Developer Center per their agreement that they’ll do so no matter what they’re doing with Android, an open-source project. The phones on the block to be chopped and screwed are the myTouch 4G, Desire Z, Aria, and Desire HD. If you’re a fan of any of those, we’re looking at you myTouch 4G fans, we encourage you to explore the code and bring the community some lovely tidbits that we might feast upon them with joy.

If you’re unable to remember anything about any of these phones because you’ve never heard of them ever, whatsoever, then take a look at the following posts we’ve got cooked up for you. First, check out a MyTouch 4G Review by our sister-site SlashGear. Next, have a peek at our very own HTC Aria hands-on for a closer look. After that, have a peek at the HTC Desire Z unboxing and hands-on we’ve got – finishing off the barrel with a lovely hands-on with the HTC Desire HD. Together, they form Voltron.

WIth the codes you’ll be downloading from the HTC Development Center, you’ll be able to take a closer look at the workings of each of these phones, your work resulting ultimately, we hope, in some cool results that might never have been possible had Android not set itself up as an open source project in the first place. Indeed it is a wild and fun environment we are working in today.

Head over to the HTC Developer Center to get all the goodies.