After a bit of confusion regarding updates for a few HTC phones AT&T recently stated all 2011 Android phones would get Gingerbread and they even outlined the Inspire 4G starting soon. That was correct because the Inspire 4G OTA upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread is available now for OTA download.

A few users are already reporting the update has hit their handsets and the update should only take around 10 minutes. Today HTC also updated the Infuse 4G Support page with links to download the update manually if users would like to head that direction as well.

The update to Gingerbread is available now so go ahead and check for updates. If you’ve been considering the Infuse 4G here is our full review of the huge 4.5″ display packing Android phone. While it is recommended users just wait for the OTA update to hit their handset if you’d like to manually update yourself the download is available from HTC at the source link below.

[via HTC Support]