HTC gave a first look at a new promotion yesterday. The company took to several social sites with mention of something called #HTChange. The specifics are still to a minimum, however speculation points towards this as having something to do with the earlier news about Robert Downey Jr. becoming involved in a new marketing campaign.

There is also hope this will lead to an official announcement for the HTC One Max. That handset is said to be sporting a 5.9-inch 1080p display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The announcement is expected to come during IFA, which is also when Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note III.

Anyway, in addition to the Vine and Instagram videos we saw from HTC yesterday, it looks like a similarly themed video has also been posted on YouTube. This one is also on the shorter side measuring in at just 15 seconds. Sadly, the main difference in this video is in the picture quality and not in the form of more details on what is coming.

The video closes with the HTC logo transforming into the same “here’s to change” mention from the earlier videos. This video also gives a brief look at a handset. But with it being so brief, it is hard to tell exactly which handset it may be. It doesn’t necessarily look big enough to be a 5.9-inch One Max, but then again, the guy holding that phone could have really big hands.


That all being said, while this could eventually lead to an announcement of the One Max, it is looking like HTC has begun to introduce Robert Downey Jr. As mentioned, this video is a bit better in quality and therefor we have spied what appears to be a haircut and black-rimmed glasses like the Iron Man star sports.

Finally, an “HTC Generator” has also appeared on the HTC website to further promote the cause. This is simple and really just plays on the HTC name with things like “here’s to clicking” and “humorous trombone champion.”


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