The HTC First hasn’t been around for all that long and it already has what could be described as an interesting history. The handset launched with AT&T and was originally priced at $99.99. That price quickly dropped to $0.99 and that was followed by speculation of AT&T dropping the handset entirely. Putting that all aside, it looks like the Facebook Home-running First can now get Sense.

The one catch with running Sense on your HTC First is that it is not a simple change in the settings. Instead Sense has arrived for the First by way of a third-party custom ROM. This ROM was released by XDA Forum Moderator jmz and it is based on Android 4.1.2 with Sense 4.

This is an early release and it looks like things may not be exactly perfect at the moment. The ROM is said to be “very functional” with just a “few minor issues.” The issues are said to be mostly graphical, but we suppose it is better to know upfront before you make the commitment.

This ROM is called “JmzMystJBSense” and it can be downloaded from the xda-developers discussion thread. Aside from downloading the ROM itself, the process to get up and running is pretty straight forward. Basically, it matches the process you find with most other third-party ROMs. Things begin with performing a factory reset and flashing into recovery mode.

For those not as familiar with the process, worry not as there is a detailed set of step-by-step directions available. Of course, aside from loading up a third party ROM to get Sense on your First, we should also remind everyone the handset has an easy to get stock Android experience available with just a few setting adjustments.

VIA: Liliputing

SOURCE: xda-developers