Not too long ago Chris B. put up his review of the cool HTC Flyer WiFi tablet and figured if you have the desire to write notes on your Android tablet then it might be the device for you. If you looked at that tablet and thought if it had 4G you might be interested, get ready. A tip has surfaced that points to Sprint getting a version of that tablet packing in 4G connectivity this month.

The tip comes from a screen grab from the Sprint internal Rewards Me site. The specific launch date as you can see in that yellow bubble is June 24, which is only a few weeks away. That would mean the 7-inch Sprint WiMax flavor of the Evo View also known as the Flyer will be coming in short order. That launch date also meshes with the promised and vague “summer” ship date.

It’s also worth noting that the Evo 3D smartphone is also pegged to launch on the same day at RadioShack. It looks like June 24 is shaping up to be a good day for HTC fans everywhere. We assume that all the features of the View 4G tablet on the Sprint network will be the same as the WiFi version we reviewed other than the 4G hardware inside.

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