If you are like us and saw the unveiling and showcase of the amazing looking HTC EVO 3D this week you are probably as excited as us about this device. A beast by any measure coming to Sprint soon. The link above mentions all the specs so I’ll spare all of that other than mentioning that it will probably sell as many or more than it’s younger brother. This story we bring you news about the kickstand everyone loved on the EVO 4G. Sadly it will not be present on the 3D.

The HTC EVO, and the Thunderbolt both have a kickstand that works amazingly well for watching movies, listening to music, video chatting and more. The problem is in order to be safe and secure they build the kickstand right into the device, not just the back. This makes it strong and durable so you don’t hear stories about kickstands breaking. While showing the EVO 3D at CTIA 2011 this year, they mentioned that the 3D does not have a kickstand because of design issues. With the large battery and dual 5 MP camera’s for 3D there was just no room as shown in the photo’s below.

Don’t worry though, we have you covered. Well HTC has you covered. They are currently in the final stages of design for a slim, and perfect case that most will probably buy along with the EVO 3D that has a kickstand built in, hopefully it will be strong enough. They say it will be. I know you have all grown to love the kickstand and obviously HTC realized this also. Look for pricing and availability to be released around the same time as the phone itself. Also for all your EVO 3D Coverage check out these stories.

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lastly check out the latest commercial for the EVO 3D, it shows all the powers the new EVO family member has.