We were just talking about the HTC One M8 Eye yesterday, but it seems that HTC is going one over everybody else with the HTC Desire Eye. This was leaked by @upleaks via Twitter, and there are some photos and specs that give a little light to may actually be the “ultimate selfie” device of this current generation of smartphones.

The HTC Desire Eye will be packing some serious hardware, if the leak can be confirmed. We might be looking at a phone that will sport the current generation favorite – the Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor (2.3Ghz) supported by 2GB of RAM pushing pixels to a 5.2-inch Full HD 1080p screen. Those are flagship level specs at this point folks. The leak also points to 32GB of internal storage and a removable 2400mAh battery.


But the kicker here will always be the selfie cam. This device is reportedly packing a 13MP/13MP camera combo – with the front-facing cam just as great as the back camera (can’t call it the “main camera” now because of that). The front cam will also have auto-focus and all good stuff you don’t usually have with your selfie camera.


Add this to the momentum building for what is also a camera-related product by HTC – a mobile personal camera to invade GoPro’s market – then we might be in for a great event on the rumored October 8 launch date. Time to get a little bit excited, as that date is just a few days away.

SOURCE: @upleaks


  1. Fake? First off no boomsound and second no headset speaker on the front. Unless they are using bone conducting speaker this seems fake to me.

    • I read from the same upleaks that the speakers are in between front facing camera and the screen, we shall know soon this week!


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