HTC Vive VR Headset

Google and HTC are teaming up when it comes to mobile devices but the two are believed to be also working on a new pair of virtual reality headset. HTC already has the Vive but it’s due for a follow-up. Meanwhile, Google has the Daydream VR platform and the View headset. What if the two join forces again? We’re anticipating that HTC Daydream-powered virtual reality device but looks like the plan is canceled.

HTC’s standalone VR headset is believed to be the Vive Focus. If you may remember, Google is said to be working with Qualcomm for the standalone VR headset which would be manufactured by Lenovo and HTC. Well, the Google Daydream VR is already out in the market but we don’t know what’s from HTC or at least when it’s arriving.

HTC is still working on its own VR headset, the Vive Focus, but it’s not yet done. We’re guessing the Taiwanese tech giant simply wants to make things better and more prepared lest they want to waste its efforts launching a high-priced product only to give a discount a few months after because nobody wants to buy it. The competition is tough and one major deciding factor is actually the price.

HTC is doing well in the VR business in China. It’s a different story in the United States but in China, the launch of the Viveport content store and integration with a number of brands are doing the company good. It just announced the Vive Wave platform that allows OEMs and hardware partners to take advantage of related content development. Not many details have been shared yet but we’re looking forward to hearing more VR content and devices in the coming year.

VIA: TechCrunch


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