The folks from HTC have a big day coming up this month. The entire month of February should actually be pretty big for HTC considering their next flagship smartphone will be announced on the 19th, followed by a few others during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Today they’ve continued their teasing and hype with a new cover photo on Facebook.

Sadly the new photo doesn’t actually reveal anything at all, as they’re saving all the goodies for the big day in London and New York City when they unveil the HTC M7 (rumored to be called the HTC One) to the world. This certainly is better than their last teaser image, which was basically a graphic image of what looked to be a beating heart — teasing us their new phone will be “alive.”

The HTC M7 will be shown off and officially announced in one week, and we’ve heard countless reports that they’ll simply call their new phone the HTC One, and it will be available on multiple carriers just like the Galaxy S III. As a reminder this 4.7-inch 1080p rocking smartphone is set to rejuvenate HTC with a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and amazing SLCD 3 1080p display, and a never seen before camera with what they’re calling ultrapixels. Rumor has it the below image is what they’ll be releasing.


Some rumors are pointing to an early early March release, but we’ll have to wait and see. We only have a few more days to wait before we see what HTC’s been cooking, then the ball will be in Samsung and Motorola’s court with the Galaxy S IV and the X-Phone. We’ll be live at HTC’s event to bring you all the details so stick around. Have you given up on HTC, or are you willing to give them another chance?

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