HTC has posted their latest teaser and what can we say, this one is rather interesting. The image reads “Alive Soon” and the interesting portion comes into play with the graphic — a heart sitting on a circuit board. Given the timing one can only assume this will have something to do with the M7 smartphone, however the alive soon and heart image seems like it could be pointing towards something else.

Maybe say, something software related. Could HTC be prepping some sort of virtual assistant service that will have your phone feeling alive. Maybe, maybe not. We hope we are going to see something regarding this come the February 19 event the company has previously announced. Or at the very least, we hope to see some additional teasers in the lead up to the 19th.

So how about it, anyone have any guess as to what a realistic looking heart on a circuit board could mean? The way the heart appears to bleed out leads one to believe the heart is connected to the circuit board. Of course, we suspect that is sort of implied by the alive soon text. The only other bits on the teaser include the HTC logo on the bottom and the mention of the website.

If nothing else, HTC does seem to be attracting a fair amount of attention in the lead up to the February 19 event. We have seen plenty of M7 related chatter (both from inside and outside of HTC). Not to mention, while this latest teaser doesn’t reveal all that much — it is interesting enough to leave us scratching our heads wondering what the company has planned.

[via BestBoyZ]