Motorists drive past a HTC store in the Younghe district of New Taipei City on October 8, 2012. Taiwan's leading smartphone maker HTC said on October 8 its net profit in the three months to September tumbled 79.1 percent year on year as it faces stiffer competition from rivals like Apple and Samsung. AFP PHOTO / Mandy CHENG (Photo credit should read Mandy Cheng/AFP/GettyImages)

HTC Chairwoman and CEO Cher Wang made apologies to shareholders yesterday for the company’s poor performance overall in 2015. Curiously though, Wang did not offer any concrete solutions or a timeline when HTC would be back on the profit side of the business, which only makes the situation more vague and unpredictable for the shareholders.

The Taiwan-based tech company reported a net loss of USD$477.85 million last year, compared to a profit of USD$72.54 million the previous year. “I understand that an apology would not solve the issues, but I hope the shareholders have faith in HTC,” said Wang. “We have built a solid foundation for success through our efforts in virtual reality (VR) business in the past year,” she added.

Cher Wang

Wang mentioned that HTC’s VR business is set to become very profitable, but the company needs to seek strategic partners and invest more in content to build a VR ecosystem around the HTC Vive. If HTC can secure a leading position in the VR market, it could mean very good news for the company.


Wang also mentioned that the sales performance and overall demand for the HTC 10 is way better than the HTC One M9 before it, and she feels that the company can avoid being dragged down by slow sales the same way the One M9 did last year.

VIA: Taipei Times


  1. SHE SHOULD BE APOLOGIZING TO THE CONSUMERS WHO BOUGHT THEIR GARBAGE PRODUCTS AND RECEIVED GARBAGE SUPPORT! However, I feel kinda bad that either she has no idea how bad her company is or because she knows how poor HTC is going to do this year, next year, and the following year and is misleading investors which will probably result in her going to prison.

    • I’ve no idea where you’re getting the idea that their products are garbage. My HTC One M7 lasted over 3 years without a single hitch. The only reason I upgraded was because the battery wasn’t lasting the day anymore. I’ve seen reports of t he mid range models having the odd issue but none of my flagship models had a single issue with the electronics.

      Had to send my HTC10 back for an out-of-the-box cosmetic defect. Took a little longer than I would have liked to get the replacement but the support contact was very helpful and I got a brand new phone. This is the second time in 8 years (over 4 phones) I’ve had to call them and both time the results were more than satisfactory.


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